Coca-Cola YO-YOs

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Welcome to my site.
I have been collecting Coca-Cola memorabilia for most of my life but now I am concentrating on Coke, Fanta and Sprite yo-yos.
If you would like to trade send me an email with what you have to trade and I will send a list of my current spares.
Otherwise feel free to check out some of my collection in my photo page.

The Hunt
During my hunt for the humble Coke yo-yo I often find yo-yos that I already have and so I have been trading those with other collectors from all over the world.
I also find the odd and unusual coke items that I also trade. Cans, bottles, carriers and toys...most from Australia but some from far away lands.
Be sure to email me with any wish lists too. I am out there scouring the markets and fairs so might just find what you are looking for too.

I am often asked how to gauge prices for Coca-Cola yo-yos.
So much so that I have co-written an Australian Coca-Cola Yo-Yo History and Price Guide.

Check it out on the last page.

Questions? Send an e-mail

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